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Since 2014 Boat Trips Amsterdam has been the “go to” for private canal cruises in Amsterdam. We’ve catered a dozen of different arrangements for our groups. From an intimate two person private boat trip dinner to a full blown 5 course menu for 60 persons.

With us you can instantly find a cruise for both private leisure and business trips. Use our handy filter system to quickly find the perfect private boat and departure point.
Need some more wishes? No problem! Fill in our inquiry form and fill in all your requirements at the message area of the inquiry form. That way we can help you find the best suitable range for your specific needs.

How does it work

You can find a Saloon boat using the search filters on the “all boats” page. To filter simply the canal boat that will suit most every occasion.

After receiving your request you will have a direct line connection with the captain of the boat to arrange your arrangement. They will promptly make an offer containing all information including availability and cost through email so that you can decide if you want the tour.

Despite our extensive search system it may prevent you quickly find a suitable boat. Of course you can always email or call us! we are also happy to personally speak.


If you’d like to contact us you can. By e-mail we will contact you within one business day. Direct e-mail or phone is also possible.

We are available on weekdays from 08:00-21:00.

Telephone: +31 20-894 61 47





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