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Amsterdam Light Festival

We are once again the 5th edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival and what a spectacle it is to put it on the water.

Boat Trips Amsterdam offers complete arrangements so that you can enjoy the beautiful Water Light Tour with a nice company. For example, we offer a complete dinner according to your wishes. Choose your favorite saloon boat below and view the special arrangements we have set up for you.

Amsterdam light cruise
Candlelight cruise amsterdam
Amsterdam Light Festival Boat
Amsterdam Light Festival Salonboot
Salonboot amsterdam light festival

Private Boat Trip during Amsterdam Light Festival

€ 395 per hour
Salonboat XX is just a little more modern than the rest of our saloon boats, but is definitely worth mentioning. It [more]
€ 225 per hour
Saloonboat XIX was build in the year 1931 and after many boat adventures, it finally found its home in Amsterdam. I [more]
€ 285 per hour
Salonboat XVIII was built in 1907 in one Hollands nothern provinces called “Groningen”. This beautiful [more]
€ 225 per hour
Salonboot VIII is a luxurious saloon boat from 1900 named after a beautiful estate called “Terra Nova” [more]
€ 175 per hour
Salonboot IV is a fine electric saloon boat which can accommodate up to 10 people and has been sailing 100% emissio [more]
€ 630 per hour
Saloon boat XV was born in the year 1905 and was built by the owner family Goudriaan. The exterior of the ship has [more]
€ 185 per hour
Salonboot II is a unique classic 1936 saloon boat with hybrid drive via a Beta Marina diesel and electric motor, in [more]
€ 275 per hour
A year to never forget! In the year 1913 Salonboot XIII was realized at Shipyard Tiebout at the Amstel. Until recen [more]
€ 600 per hour
The ship has a classic look, with all the stylish details from the ’20s. Lady Amstel comes to you during your [more]
€ 537 per uur
The saloon boat was originally a dining-cruise ship groups of rich origin circulating towards the low mountain Sieb [more]
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