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€ 275 per hour
A year to never forget! In the year 1913 Salonboot XIII was realized at Shipyard Tiebout at the Amstel. Until recen [more]
€ 187.50 per hour
Salonboot II is a unique classic 1936 saloon boat with hybrid drive via a Beta Marina diesel and electric motor, in [more]
€ 630 per hour
Saloon boat XV was born in the year 1905 and was built by the owner family Goudriaan. The exterior of the ship has [more]
€ 215 per hour
This authentic saloonboat is completely restored to its original glory for groups till 20 persons. With its luxurio [more]
€ 285 per hour
Saloonboat XVI is a comfortable saloon boat where you can sit well without having the feeling that there is a lack [more]
€ 285 per hour
Salonboat XVIII was built in 1907 in one Hollands nothern provinces called “Groningen”. This beautiful [more]
€ 225 per hour
Saloonboat XIX was build in the year 1931 and after many boat adventures, it finally found its home in Amsterdam. I [more]
€ 395 per hour
Salonboat XX is just a little more modern than the rest of our saloon boats, but is definitely worth mentioning. It [more]